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This book is separated into three main parts: Part I, “Lighting Theory,” Part II, “3ds max Lighting Tools,” and Part III, “Creating Lighting.” Part I covers the fundamentals of what light is, how it acts and reacts in our world, and what those reactions look like. Part II covers the virtual lighting equipment available to achieve your 3ds max lighting goals. Part III deals with how to use those tools to create the lighting we desire. Theory is first in this book because it is fundamental to using the tools. In fact, any artist using any toolkit can make good use of the theoretical
section of this book. The qualities of light do not change, regardless of what software you are using.
While reading this book, you will find areas where repetition occurs. Lighting a scene involves the application of numerous tools, methods,
and properties that are all interlinked. Although I have endeavored to separate each element into chapters for easy comprehension, they nonetheless overlap here and there. I found that a small measure of repetition is preferable to constantly referring the reader to other chapters.


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