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3Ds Max _ 2010 _ Lighting_ Rendering

3ds max 2010 lighting and rendering
3ds max 2010 lighting and rendering

The tutorials in this section show you how to create outstanding images and animations with 3ds Max. You will learn how to use a variety of lighting methods, as well as how to render still images and animation. You will also be introduced to three powerful features in mental
ray that let you achieve convincing global illumination in your scene.
Features Covered in This Section
■ Photometric illumination.
■ Using daylight systems together with Sky Portal to illuminate a scene.
■ Shadow creation and definition.
■ Using particle systems to reduce scene complexity.
■ Rendering single images and animation over a computer network.
Lighting and Rendering a Daylight Scene
In this tutorial, you have a scene of an army compound that requires lighting conditions for early, mid-day and late-day illumination. To accomplish this, you will create a daylight system and customize it to match a specific scene location and time. Then, you ’ll set scene exposure and combine the daylight system with a Sky Portal object that will cast light into building interiors. You will fine-tune the late-day illumination by adjusting the aperture setting. After completing these lessons, you will see how easy it is to use mental ray rendering options to create realistic daylight conditions.



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