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3D sketch environment


The 3D sketch environment is available in part files only (.ipt). Create a part in an assembly to use the location of other components in a 3D sketch.

Use 2D and 3D sketch environments to create 3D features

Create geometry at any point in 3D space using a 3D sketch. A 3D sketch does not use a sketch plane. By comparison, a 2D sketch is created on a single flat plane such as XY.

Use a 2D sketch to create planar geometry for features like extrude and revolve, and to create 2D cross sections for 3D lofts and sweeps.

Use a 3D sketch to create paths for wiring, tubing, sweeps, and lofts. You can also use a 3D sketch to create surface edges.

Tips for working with 3D sketches

  • Determine the purpose of the sketch and create it in the correct environment. For example, a wire route references multiple components. Create the 3D sketch in the active part file of an assembly to reference component placement.
  • Consider placing work points or sketch points to locate the 3D sketch pick points.
  • Create the 2D cross section in a 2D sketch and then create the centerline or sweep path in a 3D sketch.ra2
    • Click anywhere in 3D space to place a point.
    • Click anywhere in 3D space to place a line or spline segment.
    • Right-click a point and use 3D Move/Rotate to position the sketch geometry.
    • Use a Coincident Constraint to attach 3D curve endpoints.
    • Turn off the visibility of dimensions or sketches for clarity.
    • Use the Construction command to change reference geometry to construction geometry.

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