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3D Move or Rotate reference


On the ribbon, select 3D Model tab  Work Features panel  Grounded Point , and then click a vertex, edge midpoint, sketch point, or work point. Click the triad to show dialog box. 

In the Part browser, right-click a feature, and select Move Feature. In the graphics window, right-click and select Triad Move.

Select triad segment Values are relative to the selected geometry. Express values as numeric values, parameters, or expressions.

Move along X, Y, or Z axis
When a triad arrowhead is selected, drag or enter a value in the corresponding axis area.

Rotate around X, Y, or Z axis
When a triad axis is selected, drag or enter an angle.

Unrestricted movement
When the triad sphere is selected, drag in the active view plane or enter values in X, Y, and Z axes. After you enter coordinates in the dialog box, you cannot drag the triad because it is not in the active view plane.

Move in plane
When a plane on the triad is selected, drag or enter values in the selected plane.

Move triad only
Select to move the triad only. The work point or feature position is unchanged. Clear the check mark to move the triad and the work point or feature together.

Redefine alignment or position Activates the X, Y, and Z edit boxes. You can enter new coordinates to redefine the triad alignment or position. The triad moves to the newly entered coordinates.

Move the 3D triad:

  • Click a triad axis, and click an edge, work axis, or sketch line.
  • Click a triad plane, and click a face or work plane.
  • Click the triad sphere, and click a vertex, edge midpoint, work point, or sketch point to reposition.

Apply places a grounded work point at the position of the triad, either by clicking with the cursor or to apply entered coordinates. A grounded work point is placed each time you click Apply.

Undo reverses the last placed point and moves the triad to the previous position.

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