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3D Clipart and Texturing artcampro

3D Clipart

The 3D Clipart form opens when the user imports an existing externally stored relief using the Paste Relief from A File option. The 3D Clipart form enables the relief to be scaled, re-positioned, re-orientated, copied, etc. Before being combined into the current model.

Lady Example

  • Select File è Close any files you may be working on.
  • From the Assistant, select the Open Existing Model icon.  
  • Open model D:\users\trainingArtCam Data\\Pend_frm.rlf.


(Note:- Check that the choice in Files of type filter includes .rlf extensions).


  • Select the 2D View.


On loading the Relief, ArtCAM automatically generates both a bitmap (colour) and greyscale representation in the 2D view.


The model size and resolution is the same as the imported relief before it was originally exported from ArtCAM as a .rlf file.

  • Click the Paste Relief From A File button on the Relief toolbar.
  • Browse and select the file Lady.rlf from the D:\users\trainingArtCam Data directory and select the Open tab.


The 3D Clipart dialog box and a vector outline of the clipart appears in the 2D wie

A Preview of the relief is diplayed as a vector outline, and is currently too large. It will be transformed, sized and positioned, using the 3D clipart form before being pasted onto the existing model.

  • Select the Scale tab.
  • Enter the new scale as 30%.


The relief could also be scaled manually by dragging the corner handles of the relief vector, with SHIFT held down to maintain the proportion.

Now the vector (and associated relief) can be moved to the centre of the pendant.

  • Press Apply.
  • Move the cursor on the vector outline so that Move Cursor appears.
  • Press the Left mouse button and move the mouse to ‘drag’ the relief.
  • Release the button when the vector is suitably positioned.


Now that the Clipart is suitably positioned, the inherent Z Range value can be altered to provide independent control to the final Z height of the new relief.

The Clipart summary shows the vector relief height as nearly 2.6mm with the current relief at nearly 0.7mm.


  • Click the Size page on the 3D Clipart dialog box.
  • Input a value of 0.5 in the Z Range box to control the new relief height and click Apply.


  • Click the Mode tab on the 3D Clipart dialog box.
  • Check that the Add mode is selected, click the Paste button, and then Close the form.

The new relief has been Added to the original pendant adding an additional height value of 0.5 to the model.

Texture Relief

Texture is required between the head and the outer frame. To define this area, a vector can be created around the central mid-grey coloured area. There is already an exiting vector around the profile of the head, created during the last clipart operation. The Texturing will be created between the two vectors.

  • In Model select Greyscale from relief   to create a Bitmap from the greyscale view.
  • In the Bitmap view, double click within the grey colour are to be textured and assign to Primary.
  • Select Close onthe Shape Editor.
  • Select the Bitmap To Vector icon.   
  • Select OK.

The grey colour also applies to other tiny areas and as a result several additional vectors are created, but these can just be ignored.


  • Select the new outer vector and shift select the inner face vector.
  • Select the Texture Relief button on the Relief Editing toolbar.

The Texture Relief dialog appears:


This dialog box allows the selection of several pre-set texture shapes including Sphere, Ellipse, Cone, Pyramid and Weave.

Other options provide the user with Sizing and Scaling cababilities to adjust the texture exactly to the desired form.

The From File option enables a user defined relief to be imported for use as a texture.

If ticked Blend Edges allows the input of a fading distance from the vector into the relief areafrom zero to the full texture – Z Height

  • Select the Pyramid Shape, set the Size to 0.5, the Truncation to 50% the Z Height to 0.1, and select Blend Edges with a value of 5mm and Click Add.


  • Do not Close the above form but reverse the texturing process by selecting Subtract and then select one of the other texture relief styles before clicking Add (in this case a Weave of Size  3, Z Height  0.5, and Bar Width %  50).
  • Save the model in D:\users\training\Coursework\ArtCamPro-Jobs as lady head pendant.




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