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Split command reference autodesk inventor

Splits a selected curve to the nearest intersecting curve, and maintains dimensions. Pause the cursor over a curve to preview the split. Both segments of split entity inherit Horizontal, Vertical, Parallel, Perpendicular, Collinear constraints of original. Equal and Symmetric constraints are broken where necessary.

In a 3D sketch, splits a line, arc, or spline to an intersection with a face, workplane, or surface.


Ribbon: Sketch tab  Modify panel  Split 

NOTE:Finish the 2D sketch environment before you create a 3D sketch. If necessary, right-click, and then select Done. Right-click again, and then select Finish Sketch.

To change to the Split operation, right-click and select from the menu.

Selecting near the middle of a curve affects the endpoint nearest the cursor. When multiple intersections are possible, the nearest one is selected.

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